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Incorrect disposal of waste poses a hazard to the environment and it is everyone’s responsibility to look after our planet. Finding the right way to get rid of your waste can be difficult. We provide a reliable and local service at competitive rates.

Disposal of waste items in a way that is environmentally responsible is of growing concern. People are becoming ever more aware of the need to lessen our toxic impact on the planet. Our service takes away from customers the difficulty of disposing of waste personally whilst providing them with peace of mind that their waste is being disposed in compliance with all environmental regulations.

Our service is quick, efficient, professional and aimed at providing complete customer satisfaction.

Wherever possible, waste and rubbish items may be given to charities. We recycle as much rubbish as possible, and dispose all rubbish in line with all government regulations.

So by using our service you are also being environmentally responsible.


White Ants can be a big problem for many houses. By leaving rubbish in your garden – especially wooden off-cuts from home renovations or tree branches and cuttings, you may be inadvertently inviting white ants onto your premises. Once these little blighters are in your yard – your house is in danger of being remorselessly attacked and your major asset may become drastically devalued or even worthless.

Brick houses are also not immune from white ants. White ants are very adept at climbing up wall cavities and from there, infesting floors and ceilings.

Never store wood on the floor of your garage or under your house – especially untreated woods – white ants can detect it from surprisingly long distances.

Once white ants are near to your house you will need to call a professional pest company – and the next thing you know – your house will have to be sprayed and injected with highly toxic chemicals. Be smart and do your house, health and family a favour – call us as soon as possible.


Did you know white ants can be attracted by certain garden mulches? We can supply and spread a Cyprus Pine Mulch which can act as a deterrent to certain species of termite pest.

Simply phone us on 0411 727 285 and we will come to your home or business office and quickly quote you an accurate and competitive price.


All our customers can be completely confident that when their rubbish is removed it is dealt with in compliance with environmental regulations.

All rubbish is taken to a registered Waste Transfer Station where it is separated into items that can be recycled and items that need to be disposed of in a way that is responsible to the concerns of the environment.

These Waste Transfer Stations are constantly striving to improve their recycling rate and so lessen the impact on the environment.

Please be assured our prices are very competitive compared with other rubbish removers. We guarantee our prices – once we quote you a price – we will not put up the price once we commence. Unlike other so called ‘experts’ – we will not quote low on the phone and then adjust our pricing once we arrive – so there are no hidden extras. You can rely on us to quote accurately – and if we are chosen for the job – we will be on-time, courteous and will make sure the job is carried out quickly and efficiently.