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We do all the loading and removing. “I Want Your Rubbish” will handle most rubbish removal projects – call us for a quote on 0411 727 285.

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Make more space in your home and garage by getting rid of excess “stuff”.

We know that household cleanups can leave an awful lot of rubbish lying around and that means your garden becomes clogged with odds and ends, cut-offs and all kinds of ugly rubbish. On top of that – all children just love to play with anything lying around – and this can be dangerous. Planks with nails, paint pots, filler gun canisters, spiky pieces of metal – these are all garden hazards for young children.

Call us – we can clear your yard expertly, allowing you and your children to get back outside and enjoy your garden.



We also specialise in providing a fast, efficient, professional garden clearance service. We can help you clear your old shrubs, tree branches, rotting materials, old sleepers, fencing and garden bric a brac. We are not professional arborists or gardeners – our expertise is rubbish removal – if we feel that you need professional garden services – we can recommend our trusted network of contractors. You can be confident that we will leave your garden clean and clear and rosy once again.


We will undertake office clearance and commercial jobs. Of course we will visit your premises first so that we can assess your professional needs. Once we can see the scope of a job, we will give you a quote on any items that you want removed.


Our professional junk removal service specialises in removing all items of unwanted junk. This can include items such as furniture and fixtures.

Please be aware, when “I want Your Rubbish” undertakes a clearance project it is preferable to have somebody present who knows exactly which items are to be taken and which items are to stay. However – we will always follow clear instructions, be they verbal or written, and you can be safe in the knowledge that when we leave, we always clean up and lock up if appropriate.

Asbestos Removal

  • We are fully equipped to remove small asbestos structures (eg sheds) We adhere to safe and efficient asbestos removal practices. We specialise in asbestos removal from garages, fences and walls.
  • If you are thinking about buying a home which contains asbestos cement, we will inspect and provide independent advice regarding treatment and removal.
  • Our staff wear protective clothing and respirators as required by law, and use equipment certified by Worksafe.

I Want your Rubbish have 10 million dollars Public Liability Coverage and are insured for Accidental Damages. Did you know that if you undertake to employ a Contractor that does not have full current insurance coverage – your household insurance will not cover any damage that may occur through inappropriate services?